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     Chloe-Beth possesses some kind of innocent wisdom, the same that invented the necessity for Hallmark cliches like "old soul" and she is talented enough to be burdened or maybe cursed with the weight of another profanity: that of “potential.” What a nasty word. Still, she’s revelatory now with a whole world in front of her, and it's a mistake to underestimate her because of her age; her feistiness and defiance betray a stubbornness well past her years, and her understanding of the human condition is doggone gorgeous. 
     She laughs a lot -it's contagious and freeing in conversation- but her songs break your heart if you're not careful. She perches barefoot balanced on the teeter-totter of strength in her voice and vulnerability in her lyrics. Or maybe vice versa. And whatever she's seeking, hopefully, she finds her way there and then writes a song about it.
      Chloe-Beth recorded Grief, Love, and Other Gifts with Chris Blevins in 2021. She has subsequently released two singles in 2022: “Be Alright,” a sweet reflection of the vulnerabilities that come with love and “Goodwill,” a gritty study of her self-worth. 
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